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How to make plastering go smoothly

When you’re excited about redecorating a room, the realisation that the walls need plastering might put a dampener on your spirits. It doesn’t have to though if you choose the plastering services Gloucestershire to help. Tackling such a job yourself can be tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Avoid the hassle and call in the professionals. Here are some more reasons why having a professional plastering job done is the right move:

1) The right materials

There are many materials available for plastering and with no prior experience, would you know the correct one to use? Some are best applied to internal walls and some are designed for external use and choosing the wrong one or using the wrong equipment can result in problems. Instead of making a mess and calling in a professional to rectify the situation, call in a Gloucester plasterer straight away for a first-class job.

A qualified plasterer will know exactly what materials and equipment to use for different kinds of jobs. You’ll be guaranteed a much better finish and a plasterer understands how to maintain the correct balance of moisture from the core of the wall to help it breathe and avoid a build-up of damp.

2) No mistakes

Attempting a DIY job could result in a number of issues. Plastering techniques are quite tricky, it’s harder than it looks in online tutorial videos. It’s easy to make mistakes and end up with a bumpy and uneven wall. Knowing the right amount of plaster to use can also cause issues, too much or too little and you’ll never achieve the smooth surface you desire. Many beginner plasterers also don’t leave the plaster long enough to dry. That is why you should hire Gloucestershire plastering services to get the job right first time.

3) Messy work

As you can imagine, plastering can prove to be a messy task. A professional plasterer will have plenty of experience in how to create minimal mess, whereas a DIY job could see a great deal of unwanted mess spreading onto carpets and nearby upholstery. Cleaning up can become a time-consuming and costly chore.

4) Safety

While plastering isn’t the most dangerous of activities, there are certain risks that an inexperienced DIYer might encounter. From small things like choosing the right protective clothing and footwear to how to use a ladder safely. Professionals will bring all equipment with them and know how to operate safely and carefully. They are knowledgeable in avoiding spills, correct working practices and the best way to work with minimal disruption and mess.

5) Time

When you’re unsure or unconfident, plastering can take much longer than you imagined. For most of us who only have the odd weekend to devote to such jobs, the time and effort involved could soon turn into a nightmare. Avoid the frustration, disruption and stress by hiring a qualified plasterer to get the job done efficiently. You can then continue with the exciting part of redecorating and creating your perfect décor.

Name: Remi

Age: 36

Lives: Brockworth

Services: Plastering, Tiling, 2 – courses for natural walk finishes-cay! Feature Walls, Moroccan Tadelakt, Stucco, Micro mortars, Clay lime, Designs

Experience: I’ve attained over 13 years experience in all type of plastering work.

Qualifications: Hobbies & Interests: Enthusiastic person who is passionate about the work I do. My work is of a high standard perfected over the many years doing plastering work. I also like to travel and learn the different styles across the world.  In my own time I like to play with different materials to create new wall designs.