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Keeping your home secure

Home security is one of the top concerns for home owners who want to protect their belongings and make life difficult for any potential criminals thinking about accessing their property. Most burglaries occur during the day when people are out at work, so even though you’ll be thinking about night time security, keeping everything secure during daylight hours is also essential. Thankfully there are many ways you can achieve this and a good place to start is to assess your home to see if there are any weak points with the help of security services Gloucestershire.

Put yourself into the mindset of a burglar and walk around the exterior of your property. Are there any windows that could be easily pried open? What can be seen from outside? Think about whether expensive electronics are visible for example. If you have areas of hedgerow or shrubbery close to your property, is it big enough for someone to hide in? Is your garage secure? If you leave things outside like bikes, toys, tools or ladders, make sure these are stored away in a garage or shed. Leaving tools and ladders out is like an invitation for a burglar to use them in gaining access to your home.

A popular deterrent is the installation of motion sensor lighting around the exterior of your home. These are particularly useful for dark spots and entrances, shining a spotlight on anyone who approaches your property after dark. Home security cameras also provide great peace of mind and these days can be accessed remotely, so you can keep an eye on comings and goings even while at work. Automated gates are another security mechanism that Gloucestershire Home Security Services specialise in to restrict who can access your property.

Inside your home, always remember to keep windows and doors locked whether you’re at home or going out. Secure important or expensive valuables in a safe or lockbox that’s bolted to the floor to add an additional layer of security in the event of break-in. Don’t hide spare keys under rocks outside and don’t label your keys with information about what they open. If they get lost along with your wallet, a thief suddenly has access to your home address and keys to every door!

Home security systems come with a wide variety of features, including motion detectors, window and door sensors, outdoor neighbour alert alarms and cameras. If you want peace of mind that your property cannot be approached or entered without being alerted and that person being filmed, then you need a professional installation by Gloucester Home Security.

The fight against crime is always made easier when you know your neighbours. If they work different shifts to you, it’s always handy if everyone knows to keep on eye on things and be aware when they see something unusual or suspicious. Being on friendly terms with your neighbours can also help when you go away on holiday, as you know you have someone you can trust keeping any eye on your home. If your street doesn’t already have a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, why not think about starting one?

Name: Rob

Age: 37

Lives: Gloucester

Services: Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Extinguishers, Automated Gates, Security Fog< Maintenance & Monitoring

Experience: I completed my training at Allcooper Security from 1996-1998, I was an Installation engineer for 3 years, I then became the senior engineer at Micro Vision Fire & Security from 2001-2005, I became the Service & Maintenance Manager from 2005-2013, from 2013-2015 I was Business Development Manager, in early 2015 Micro Vision was taken over by a national firm.

Qualification: NVQ Security Installations, FIA Fire Alarm Design Certified to BSI. SSAIB Accredited in Security Alarms, CCTV & Access Control

Hobbies & Interests: I am a big family man and I am a very active chap, so in my spare time, I like to hike, snowboard and do anything sporty, injuries & work permitting