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We guarantee that our work will be done to the highest standards, all backed with public liability insurance, and our installation and testing services cover all aspects of electrical certification.

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6 Reasons to Call Electrical Services in Gloucestershire

There are many reasons why you might need the services of a qualified electrician. If you notice issues in your home, don’t be tempted to try to fix the problem. Electricity is dangerous so don’t go it alone! A fully qualified electrician will have years of experience and safety training, to tackle the risky stuff on your behalf. Here are some tell-tale signs that you might be in need of the services of a trusted Gloucester electrician:

1) When the lights go out

If you’re becoming increasingly annoyed with the circuit breakers in your home tripping more often than they should or fuses are blowing frequently, then it’s time to call in the expert. The problem could be that your circuits are taking more current than they can handle which could be a sign of a potentially worrying fault in the circuits inside your home.

2) Dimming and flickering

Have you noticed a dimming when you switch on several lights or an annoying flicker? Some household appliances require large amounts of current and should have their own dedicated circuit. Even smaller appliances can cause problems, and you may need to consider having an extra line put in for servicing their needs.

3) A tangle of wires

If you rely heavily on power strips and multi-plugs, chances are your electrical system is running over its capacity. Having additional circuits fitted by a qualified electrician will ensure that safety is restored and there’ll be less wires and cables cluttering up your home. Similarly, if you have a myriad of wires draped across floors or hidden under rugs, Gloucestershire electrical services can install extra power outlets closer to where you need them. This removes the potential for trip hazards and lowers the risk of electrical fires.

4) Period property

If your home is over 25 years old and still retains original features and old wiring, this is considered unsafe by today’s standards. Sockets and wiring will need updating, even old appliances can receive an update. This will make your home a great deal safer. The same applies if you notice any old wiring in your home that is covered in cloth and not plastic.

5) Excess heat

If you’ve been noticing that light switches or power outlets feel warm to the touch, then you should call in a professional. Other worrying signs include any blackening on switch plates, discolouration or even mild shocks on touching. There could be a number of problems that are best left to a qualified electrician to examine.

6) An outdated bathroom or kitchen

If it’s been many years since either of these rooms saw an update, then you should keep an eye on the electrics. Kitchens and bathrooms are moisture-high areas, so the electrics must be well-maintained and protected from damp conditions. An electrician can examine the system and provide advice and assistance.