Meet the home and carpet cleaning team

At Premier Trades People we are proud of the 30 people that work with us, they are amongst the industry’s most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. 

We are all passionate about what we do, from the customer services and the quality of our workmanship, as every one of us is responsible for the continued success of ‘PTP’.


Keep your carpets clean

When you first have new carpet laid, it looks, feels and smells amazing. You most likely insisted on everyone removing their shoes at the door and banned all food and drink within a 10-metre radius. Over time, we struggle to keep up such stringent rules and carpet becomes just another part of the scenery. If you’ve become aware of your carpets looking tired, grubby and just a bit sorry for themselves, then think about home carpet cleaning Gloucestershire services. Here are some important reasons why you should give your flooring a little TLC:

It’s Healthier

The fibres of your carpet are a breeding ground for dust mites, skin flakes, allergens and bacteria. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, then these particles can be causing unnecessary aggravation. Allergies and health problems like asthma can cause additional problems for children and the elderly, so if you have very young or older residents, a regular carpet clean can be particularly beneficial. Vacuuming on its own is not enough to rid the carpet of all dirt, bacteria and mites although it partially helps on a regular basis. To ensure the best possible health for everyone in your home, a professional carpet clean is the ideal solution.

Looks and Feels Better

Cleaning anything leaves it looking better, but carpets are particularly nice when they’ve been treated to a wash. When carpets get dirty over time, the fibres become matted and stick together, feeling and looking dull, flat and rough to the touch. A professional clean removes this matted dirt, releasing fibres and giving the carpet a softer, more lustrous feel and appearance. Original colours return, and dull areas of staining can return to their prior brightness. Carpet is not cheap, so you should view your flooring as an investment to be taken care of. A regular professional clean will keep your carpet fresh, clean and prolong its lifespan.

Better Airflow

You might not think a grubby carpet could affect the air in your home, but a dirty carpet can make the air feel stuffy and musty. Vacuuming can only remove part of the dust and dirt. The only way to improve the airflow in your home is to have your carpets regularly cleaned.

Prevent Mould

Mould and mildew are common annoyances in and underneath carpets, particularly in high-moisture areas. They can appear when someone has attempted to clean their own carpets but have left them overly wet for too long. This is why having a professional clean is so important as a qualified attendant will know how to avoid over-saturation of the carpet.


Carpet cleaning involves moving furniture, vacuuming, spot treating, applying pre-treatment solutions and seeing to the tanks in the machine. This sounds like a lot of time-consuming work to deal with, so why not leave it to the professionals who can save you the time, hassle and worry about whether you are using the equipment correctly.

Name: Rhian

Age: 35

Lives: Longlevens

Services: Carpet Cleaning inc. flea treatment, Upholstery Cleaning, Professional hot water extraction, Domestic and Commercial, Hard floor and curtain cleaning, Mattress cleaning, flood removal and restoration, Stain Removal, Stain Guarding, Move in and move out clean.

Experience: I am an ex detective sergent having 11 years to Thames Valley police work serving on criminal investigations and major crime.

Qualifications:  3 years

Hobbies & Interests: Family time, Beach life – surfing.