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Trade Services Gloucester

About Our Services

With over 20 years combined experience of dealing with local homemakers ‘Premier Trades People’ have built a team of reputable tradespeople in order to match the right professional to help you complete your home improvements.

We pride ourselves in sourcing a hassle free way for you to receive the best price and workmanship available in Gloucestershire. No job too big or too small, for any tradespeople requirements contact us!

 Our Services

Here at Premier Trades People we offer access to a wide variety of different highly-trained tradespeople. Whatever your emergency or requirement, you’ll find the right person for the job with our local trades people in Gloucestershi Here is a brief rundown of the services we have on offer:


For any jobs that require the installation or maintenance of power systems in your home, you need the services of a trusted electrician. Any wiring or controls that have an electrical current must be worked on by a qualified professional. If you’re having problems with blown fuses or regular tripping, then an assessment of your home’s electrical system is important. Perhaps you’re planning a renovation or refit or need additional power outlets. Contact us today for a quote for your electrical needs.


Plumbers are heroes when something goes wrong with burst pipes, broken toilets and smelly blocked drains. All those wonderful appliances that we take for granted need someone to install, maintain and repair them. Whether you need a leak isolating or an additional water supply line installing, then contact Premier Trades People for a professional plumber.


Need someone who’s good with wood? For any job involving kitchen fitting, roofing requirements, door installations or decking and fencing then look no further than Premier Trades People for professional carpentry services.


Whether you have a regular roof, a church roof or a flat one – our tradesman has experience with them all. If you need a replacement, a repair or an installation in any material then contact us today. Roofing is the essential covering to our homes and businesses, keeping out the elements and preventing our possessions becoming water damaged. Don’t delay and have your roof assessed as soon as possible.


When it comes to redecorating, why run the risk of making a mess when you can call us for a professional to create a job with a beautiful finish? Our painter is also skilled in wallpaper stripping and hanging, a tricky job that requires an expert to produce a flawless redecoration. For all your external and internal painting and decorating requirements, contact Premier Trades People today.

Home Security

If you’re concerned about your home security, have your home assessed by our home security professional who can advise you on the best security products for your property. Whether you want CCTV, motion sensor lights, an automated gate system or home alarm set-ups, we can meet your needs.


Tiling offers a chic, attractive and hygienic addition to bathrooms and kitchens, whether they are used for flooring or on the walls. Due to their popularity in high-moisture rooms, you could find yourself wanting to install tiles in your décor. For the perfect finish, hire a professional through Premier Trades People.


Before you redecorate, you could find that walls need smoothing out with plaster. This can be a tricky and messy task, so choose a qualified professional plasterer to do the job quickly, efficiently and effectively – leaving you to carry on with the fun of redecorating.

Window Cleaning

For a room with a view, get your sparkly windows back with a regular window clean. Better for the glass, better for your light levels and making your home look smart again, contact us today for information about regular or one-off window cleans.


Finding trusted builders to help on a refit, renovation or construction project can be time-consuming. We’ve done the hard work for you, so all you need to do is contact us for access to trusted and qualified professional builders, whatever size of project, big or small.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpets put up with a lot and can become clogged with dust, dirt and bacteria over time. Breathe life and more pleasant odours back into your carpet with a specialist clean. It will feel and look as good as new, as well as being much healthier for you and your family.


Whether you need to tame an unruly jungle or have grand plans for your lawn, find a gardener or landscaper here at Premier Trades People. If you need a hand with pruning, weeding, planting or just mowing the grass then we can help. Maybe you want to create an outdoor paradise? Contact us today and we can put in touch with a green-fingered professional.

Reasons to use local tradespeople in Gloucestershire

One of the benefits of the digital age is that we have so much choice. We have more options and choices than any generation before. Choice brings competition and many businesses competing to offer best value. However, this can lead to confusion and choosing a reputable tradesperson can become an overwhelming headache. Thankfully, Premier Trades People can eliminate this stress by providing you direct access to trusted, qualified and available trades people all day, every day.

Often the best people for the job are right on your doorstep. Here are some top reasons why choosing local trades people makes great sense:

Often a Family Business

Local tradesmen and women often come from family-owned businesses which represent trust, hard-work and relying on a strong local reputation. Those who live and work in your own community will have spent time building up a successful business and won’t be in the business of ripping people off. They genuinely care about what they do, and they do it to a high standard.

Community Knowledge

Trades people who live and work locally understand the community and have most likely completed work for your friends and neighbours. They could know the people you know which creates a nice, more comfortable transaction as opposed to having a complete stranger in your home. You can feel confident that someone respected within the local community will do a good job for you.

Fostering Loyalty

Developing a relationship with a local tradesman or woman can be useful when the time comes for other work to be done. Knowing and trusting someone and building a relationship is also helpful for receiving trusted recommendations for other trades people too. Not to mention possible discounts for repeat business and referrals.


A great deal of business occurs through the word of mouth, no matter how much you might spend on advertising. The power of community recommendations and passing on contact details is what keeps the local trade industries alive. Referrals give you peace of mind that someone else has been happy with the work done for them and you can return the favour by recommending your tradesperson to others.


Smaller local businesses often have highly trained trades people and have been able to specialise more than working for a large national company. You can always ask about their accreditation and even to see any certificates and/or references when hiring for big jobs for example.


There can sometimes be a wait for local tradespeople as small businesses get busy, but the great thing about local services is that they probably only have to pop around the corner to see you. This often means they can drop in quickly and help you out at short notice. You are far more likely to receive this level of service from someone local to you than a national company.


Whilst all businesses, local and national have reputations to uphold, this is particularly the case for those who work in their local community. A bad reputation can be enough to kill off a small business, so you can feel confident you’ll receive superior customer service and a top-quality job.